With IZICAP, integrate a new high-value-added service, designed for local stores, in order to strengthen your offer and generate more income.

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Provide new benefits to your merchant customers


Become a long term partner for your merchant customers


Create a new revenue stream and boost your margins


Be innovative and preempt current and future disruptions


Fend off competition with a real differentiating solution


Improve retention of your merchant customers

An innovative and turnkey solution

We are aware of the stakes and the challenges which financial institutions have to face in order to remain competitive. We have developed an innovative and turnkey solution which meets both your needs and those of your customers. We accompany local stores throughout their digital transformation, giving them access to marketing and loyalty tools that are simple to use, accessible and effective to grow their business and increase customer loyalty.

Open banking coming into force and playing a key role in the battle between Fintech and incumbents in the payment industry, IZICAP stands out as a true business partner for Acquirers.

What is IZICAP?

… for Acquirers

for Acquirers

A way to help you stand out in an increasingly competitive field, a new source of income, quick and simple implementation, a strong and durable relationship.

for Marchant

for merchants

A powerful tool and personalised support, to help merchants grow their business, develop customer loyalty and stimulate their customer file through targeted marketing campaigns.


for consumers

Thanks to IZICAP, Customers have access to merchant loyalty programs without needing additional cards or apps – they just need to use their regular payment card.

About us

IZICAP is a pioneering French SaaS company working in the fields of Data Marketing and CRM. Founded in 2013, Izicap has developed a comprehensive Card Linked Loyalty solution aimed at local businesses.

Acting as a trusted third party and benefiting from PCI-DSS certification, IZICAP white-label solution is proposed in partnership with Acquires and players in the electronic payment industry.


Data, customer loyalty and automated marketing, IZICAP has developed a platform based on powerful technology which creates value from payment card data and thereby gives greater access to the types of marketing tool that had previously been reserved for big retail chains.

A solution which meets the needs of Acquirers, merchants and their customers.

PCI DSS Certified

IZICAP, Certified as complying with data security standards in the card payment industry (PCI DSS)

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