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Sell more and engage your customers with card-linked marketing and loyalty tools



Know how often customers shop and how much they spend. Card-linked data provides you with real-time indicators to analyze your activity.

Powerful Insights



IZICAP automates all your direct marketing activities using emails or text messages.
So you can focus on your core business and drive more traffic to your store.

Automated marketing actions



IZICAP transforms customers’ payment cards into a customized marketing and loyalty-building program using your existing payment terminal.

100% paperless

Immediate results for your business

IZICAP can now deliver secure, powerful, and easy-to-use tools to local merchants. Targeting the right customers has never been easier.

Figures tell the story

Just have a look at the Return on Investment noticed by our customers

+ 15 %

Average growth of net sales in stores using IZICAP

x 20

Average return on investment

From +50% to +80%

Average increase in sales from loyalty program membership

Less than 15 days

Average delivery time to deploy the IZICAP solution

A Powerful and Effective Suite of tools

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Your advantages:

Turn visitors into loyal customers, drive automated marketing actions and get immediate results for your business.

Save time and money and increase your serenity!

IZICAP marketing tools facilitate checkout for your customers and for you. IZICAP automates loyalty-program management and helps you to create and send text messages and emails.

Multi-channel and real-time business monitoring

IZICAP instantaneously identifies your customers, whether they buy in store or on online. Whatever the channel, your data is updated in real-time and your indicators are available 24/7.

Automated platform and dedicated marketing experts

IZICAP automates and secures your loyalty actions. You benefit from the support of our marketing experts when defining, measuring, improving and monitoring your marketing and loyalty strategies.

Ultra-fast return on investment

Have a look at our customer case studies
Turnover increase of between 40 to 74% following membership

Chain of lounge bars in London



Average shopping cart of £18 and 3.9 visits/year


IZICAP's advice

A £20 discount offered for £100


Return on investment: +54% revenue growth rate

1 200 new members and +9% average shopping cart rate

Group of bakeries in Nice



Average shopping cart of €16 and 9 visits/year


IZICAP's advice

A discount of €5 for each €60 spent


Return on investment: +74% revenue growth rate

750 new members and +7% shopping cart growth rate

Clothing stores in Paris



An average shopping cart of €54 and 2.4 visits/year


IZICAP's advice

A discount of 20% every 3 visits in store


Return on investment: +40% revenue growth rate

400 new members et +24% average shopping cart growth rate