This partnership and the launch of the “Mii-Promo” solution marks the start of Izicap’s international development.

Nice, 7 September 2015 – Izicap, a pioneering French start-up specialising in Data Marketing and developing customer loyalty through Card-Linked Marketing, announced it had signed a partnership deal with Markadis , the British subsidiary of the Icelandic company Valitor. This UK exclusivity deal led to the Mii-Promo solution, which will be presented at this year’s Autumn Fair trade show in Birmingham (UK).

For the first international roll-out of its technology, Izicap decided to aim high: the United Kingdom is the second largest market in the world in terms of transactions behind the USA and ahead of Brazil. “We are delighted with our partnership with Markadis, which will enable us to access our first international market and we are particularly pleased that it is in the United Kingdom, which is a key territory in the sector,” explained Reda El Mejjad, President and founder of Izicap.

Markadis is one of Europe’s most progressive company in the Card Payments sector. A subsidiary of the Icelandic company Valitor, Markadis’ goal is to bring about a paradigm shift – its decision to work with Izicap will make this goal a reality: “It is high time that there was a revolution in the sector of Payment Cards to provide merchants with cutting-edge relationship marketing solutions, which are already indispensable in e-commerce,” explained Adrian Cannon, Managing Director at Markadis. “Thanks to the Izicap technology that we have integrated into our Mii-Promo product, we will be able to offer much more than a simple payment terminal. We can now offer a highly effective solution for developing customer loyalty and launching sales events. In addition to the solution’s revolutionary client features, we were delighted with the speed and simplicity of installing the solution, which doesn’t require any set- up at the point of sale.”

Mii-Promo will be launched in October 2015. This powerful transaction-based marketing tool for independent retailers and challenger brands drives sales and encourages customer loyalty. Uniquely, Mii-Promo uses customers’ existing debit and credit cards to register and operate, so there is no requirement for expensive loyalty card schemes that independent retail businesses can rarely afford and are rarely effective. In addition, the suite of data marketing tools that is the very back bone of Mii-Promo can monitor buying trends and customer behaviour to highlight and capture opportunities for the individual retailers.

While this deal marks Izicap’s first international incursion, the company has already signed an initial partnership deal with a mutual bank in France marketing its solutions under the Twiing brand. “These agreements, firstly with a bank and then with a pure player, demonstrate Izicap’s flexibility and ability to adapt to individual constraints and the structure of each market,” added Miguel Mateus, CEO of Izicap. A flexibility which will be key in an increasingly international context.

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About Izicap

Izicap is a pioneering French start-up working in the fields of Data Marketing and developing customer loyalty. Founded in 2013 and based in Sophia-Antipolis, Izicap has developed a comprehensive Card Linked Loyalty solution aimed at local businesses. The Izicap solution works in partnership with Acquirers, helping them make the best use of payment card data for the benefit of merchants. Recently rolled out in France via a banking partnership, the solution has now been launched in the United Kingdom via an exclusivity deal with the private company Markadis under the brand name of Mii-Promo. Izicap is supported by BPI France and the Village by CA from Crédit

About Markadis

Founded in 2014, Markadis Ltd is Europe’s most progressive company in the card payments sector. Headquartered in Heathrow, Markadis is driving the card acquiring industry to add value to the retail sector and the company’s marketing solutions are offered with all the costs of card transaction acquiring built-in to an affordable service package. The company is majority owned by Valitor, a financial institution established in 1983, a group member of VISA EU and a principal member of MasterCard International putting it on an equal footing with all the leading banks in the UK.

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