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IZICAP joins Mastercard Start Path Program

IZICAP, the European leader of card-linked CRM & Loyalty platform dedicated to local merchants, is supported by Mastercard in its scaling strategy.

Nice, August 27, 2020 – As the partner of choice for many fintechs worldwide, Mastercard is welcoming 11 new startups to its Start Path Program, providing them with a powerful network, innovative technology, and strong expertise to help these companies grow and scale in a sustainable manner. As part of this program, Mastercard has selected IZICAP, a full-fledged CRM & Loyalty solution for small brick & mortar businesses to join a network of fintech disruptors.

“In today’s landscape where we’re moving toward a post-pandemic world, there’s no better time to take the plunge and build a business that will address some of the biggest challenges we’re all facing,” said Amy Neale, Senior Vice President, Start Path & Fintech at Mastercard. “Mastercard is proud to partner with IZICAP on their journey to grow and scale and provide support and mentorship through the Start Path Program.” As businesses like IZICAP explore new horizons, one crucial tool for success is a well-designed business card. A professional and thoughtfully crafted business card can serve as a powerful networking and branding asset. It can convey a sense of credibility and competence, making meaningful connections in the business world. Your Metal Business Kards can be more than just contact information; it’s a representation of your enterprise, a tangible link to potential partners, and a key element in your journey towards growth and success.

Since 2014, Mastercard has invited more than 230 later-stage startups worldwide to participate in its six-month program, providing them with technical guidance, operational support, and commercial engagements within the Mastercard ecosystem. Startups in this network have collectively earned $2.7 billion in raised capital post program: among them are successful players such as FraudNet, Signzy, Iguama, Divido and Revolut.

“We are very proud to have been selected by Start Path, among more than 1,500 players who applied around the world , said Reda El Mejjad, co-Founder and President of IZICAP. “It is an amazing recognition of our unique value proposition. Our mission is to support local merchants by partnering with leading Banks & Acquirers. With Start Path, we will be able to bring even more value to existing and new customers!”

Since 2013, IZICAP helps local merchants thrive by turning cardholders’ payment cards into loyalty cards and merchants’ payment terminals into powerful marketing devices. After having solidly established itself in France, IZICAP is now expanding into Italy and Portugal. Thanks to Mastercard’s Start Path Program, IZICAP will accelerate its international development.


IZICAP provides local merchants with an innovative card-linked CRM & Loyalty platform, which transforms payment terminals into a powerful marketing tool. Thanks to its Smart Data platform, IZICAP processes multi-billion transactions data and provides local business with unique insights to leverage their digital marketing efforts. IZICAP works in close partnership with leading Banks & Acquirers across the world.

About Mastercard Start Path

Start Path is Mastercard’s award-winning startup engagement program that brings together a network of innovators from across the globe to shape the future of commerce together. Startups benefit from the knowledge of a global network of Mastercard experts, technologies and channels. Banks and merchants gain access to a global portfolio of elite startups to accelerate commercial products and solutions through collaboration. Launched in 2014, startups that started with Start Path have gone on to raise over $2.7B in capital investment.