Gender Equality Index

In accordance with the French Law of 2018, September, 5th, regarding the freedom to choose one’s professional future and to its decree of 2019, January 8th, aiming to close the pay gap between men and women, the company Izicap publishes its Gender Equality Index

What are the specifics of this index?

The professional equality index for men and women is measured using a score out of 100 obtained on 4 indicators :

  • Pay gap between male vs. female average remuneration (worth 40 points).
  • Difference in rate of pay increases between men and women (worth 35 points).
  • Employees who returned from maternity leave and enjoyed a salary increase upon return (worth 15 points).
  • Occurrence of women among the highest remuneration of the company (worth 10 points).

The gender equality index within Izicap :

The Gender Equality Index within Izicap, as of March 1, 2024 reached a score of 85 out of 100 (+3points compared to the 2023 index).

  • This score reflects Izicap’s commitment to support gender equality.
  • Gender diversity is a topic of critical importance fostering collective enrichment, social balance and economic efficiency. That is why for several years now, we ensure equal opportunities for our employees.

At Izicap, professional equality for men and women from the moment of recruitment across each stage of one’s professional life represents a major stake of individual development within our company.

Index of gender equality in the workplace