Stand up
to the giants

A unique loyalty and digital marketing solution that provides Insight you can understand, act on and profit from. With Izicap, it’s easy to use marketing to grow loyalty and make your customers happy.

Increase your revenue by 10-20%, build a powerful database to draw insights from and make 70 – 80% recurring customers. Izicap turns your payment terminal into marketing machine.

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Smart customer

Enroll your customers in seconds

Izicap turns your card payment terminal into a powerful marketing tool for enrolling customers and building a GDPR compliant customer directory.

  • When a purchase is made, customers can easily opt-in to your loyalty program with their phone number.
  • They immediately receive an SMS welcoming them to your loyalty program.
  • Their transaction history is automatically captured by the terminal and added in real-time to your database.
  • No additional app is required by customers, their payment card becomes a loyalty card.
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Turn your customers
into Ambassadors

Actionnable business
insights and analytics

Get more from your customers

Turn every card payment into customer knowledge and a marketing powerhouse:

  • Keep track of every customer’s purchase behavior and view insights such as visit frequency, rush hours and more.
  • Access insightful dashboards to measure the results of your marketing actions at a glance and optimize your performance accordingly.
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and Retention

Keep your customers, afterall they’re yours

Up to 60% customers do not return to stores after a first visit. With Izicap, you can grow your loyal customer base and keep bringing them back.

Keep track of your most valuable customers

Get real-time records of every transaction and precise metrics that show your top customers and the most relevant customers to target with your loyalty offer.

Re-engage your customers with targeted and automated messages

  • Easily identify your at-risk customers to encourage them to come back through effective marketing campaigns.
  • Launch exclusive promotions via SMS, social media or email from your Izicap account.
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Keep your customers
coming back


Reach your customers everywhere

Get the right message to the right customer at the right moment

With the payments data you’ll develop better knowledge of your customers’ preferences and buying habits, allowing you to target them with attractive and relevant offers, leading to more customer visits and increased sales.

Run multi-channel campaigns

  • Access a library of ready-to-use templates to create and launch your marketing campaigns simultaneously by email, SMS & on Facebook to incentivize your customers to visit and buy.
  • Segment your database and send specific promotions to groups of customers with similar purchase profiles.

Launch exclusive promotions dedicated to your Facebook community

Turn your Facebook followers into loyal customers with coupons.

Remain in complete control

Monitor your campaigns on live dashboards, and compare to see which channels gives the greatest response and the best return-on-investment.

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Grow your
online community

Develop your online reputation

90% of consumers consult online reviews before making a purchase online or in store.

  • Local businesses must take full advantage of this opportunity to stand out in local searches or promote their presence on social networks.
  • With Izicap, you can invite your customers to give reviews on your Google My Business page, like your page on Facebook, and follow your business on Instagram.
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We’re all in this together to help the high street grow and thrive

Save time and learn best practices by getting help from your very own Marketing Expert.

  • Our Marketing Experts will help you define the best strategy for your marketing operations.
  • We will follow-up with you monthly, to continuously fine-tune your actions.
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Big player tools

Partner with us

With Izicap, you’re in good company

Let us leverage our knowledge of the SMB space to help your acquiring business thrive.

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