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Although many acquirers face common challenges, every business is different. That’s why we carefully adapt our solution to fit around your needs.

Izicap is deployed as white-label, allowing you to brand it and take ownership while we manage the technical integration, train your staff, segment your data, onboard your merchants and provide our marketing expertise.

Being truly partner-centric enables us to deliver real commercial edge for acquirers as well as merchants.


Izicap benefits acquirers because it differentiates them from their competitors, yields additional income and builds closer ties with their merchants.


Izicap is a tailored, value-added solution that complements your existing portfolio of B2B services. It opens up a completely new source of income for you and increases sales revenues for your merchants. Partnering with Izicap is a commercial win-win for acquirers and merchants alike.



Izicap gives your business a powerful point of difference that enriches your proposition and helps you to win new accounts. And, with open banking already turning the financial landscape upside down, partnering with Izicap ensures you stand out from new, fast-moving competitors.

Strengthen your merchant relationships

Izicap provides your merchants with innovative digital marketing services that boost their customer loyalty and profitability. Offering these additional benefits helps you secure stronger, longer-lasting and more fruitful relationships with your merchants.


Izicap is a white-label service for you to adopt and brand as your own. Our technology is deeply integrated within the technical architectures of our acquirer partners. And everything is fully managed on your behalf by our data, technical and marketing experts.

I like how simple it is to sign-up my customers. Everything happens automatically so I don’t waste any time!

Romain B.
Pet Store Manager, Manosque, France

Your partnership
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Izicap’s people, processes and technologies are geared to integrate effortlessly with your payment environment.

Benefits to Merchants

Thousands of restaurants, chain stores, franchisees and retail SMEs are reaping the benefits of Izicap’s ground-breaking point-of-sale marketing technology:


Izicap is proven to grow loyalty sales by an average 45%. Merchants can view up to two years of POS data, identify valuable customers and run test campaigns.

Higher sales revenue

With Izicap your merchants can increase average customer spend, raise the frequency of purchases and lift their overall sales income by up to 20%.

Market expertise

Our dedicated marketing experts are available on an ongoing basis to help merchants interpret purchase data, refine customer targeting and shape their marketing strategies.

Rapid payback

Merchants enjoy sales uplift from the moment Izicap goes live. And their investment is repaid quickly, with an average ROI of 15x.

Less time and effort

Izicap is perfect for time-poor merchants who need an easy-to-manage marketing solution. Our automated platform makes setting up, sending and evaluating campaigns fast and effortless.

Easy set-up

Adopting Izicap is quick and simple. There’s no need for merchants to change any hardware or software and every aspect of onboarding is looked after by our helpful implementation team.

Turning a bank card into a loyalty card is such a clever idea. And so convenient!

Karine C.
Clothing Store Manager, La Crau, France

Benefits to Consumers

Izicap is good for your merchants’ customers too. They benefit from well-targeted, data-driven campaigns that provide a much-improved brand experience with well-timed, relevant offers based on their individual needs and buying habits.

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