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If you are an acquirer, partnering with Izicap makes good commercial sense. That’s because our unique digital marketing solution translates into tangible, business-building results for your merchants. By increasing their customer loyalty and spend, we improve their loyalty to you and grow your revenues too.


Izicap’s mission to help acquirers compete and succeed is fueled by a deeply ingrained commitment to collaboration. Our technologies, processes and people are 100% partner-centric and adaptable to the needs of each acquirer. And our long-established alliances with industry-leading POS terminal vendors such as Verifone and Ingenico ensure that Izicap is workable across almost any card payment scenario.

Our partnership with Izicap delivers to SMB merchants an innovative and unique card linked service that helps to grow their businesses. For us as a Bank and as an Acquirer, it is an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our SMB merchants, generate additional revenues through a differentiating and unique service and position the Bank in the digital arena.

B2B Payments Strategy and Offers Director – BPCE Group

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Read how Izicap’s powerful digital marketing solution enables thousands of merchants to use their existing card payment system to improve loyalty and sell more:

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