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Restaurant in Bordeaux, France


Opened nine years ago in Bordeaux, this popular restaurant offers its guests sophisticated cuisine, with a wide range of dishes based on fresh, local produce. Trade is largely season-dependent, with bookings at a peak in the high-season and significantly reduced during the rest of the year. To grow footfall in quieter periods, the manager has implemented a new digital customer loyalty programme and metrics-based communication strategy. This was developed and implemented by Izicap in partnership with the restaurant’s card payments provider.


  • Create a customer database to support a loyalty programme
  • Communicate well-targeted offers and promotions to customers
  • Increase the frequency of restaurant visits and average spend


Number of customers enrolled on the loyalty programme to date (opt-in rate of 25%)

€ of extra annual turnover for every loyalty programme customer

% increase in overall turnover attributable to the loyalty programme

% redemption rate for loyalty promotions

Since using the solution, I can reward my customers without having to think about it, and interact with them effortlessly by sending automated messages. Thanks to [Izicap], I can now save time and focus on my job!

Christophe P.
Restaurant Manager

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