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Simplify customer rewards and keep your clients coming back effortlessly with the Izicap app on your POS

Turn your POS into a loyalty tool

Because creating your customer database shouldn’t be a headache , we have created an application that allows you to enroll your customers in your loyalty program directly from your POS. It’s simple, fast, and efficient.
How does it work? Right after the payment, a message appears on your POS, offering your customer to join your loyalty program. They provide their phone number, and that’s it.

A solution designed to save time and money for merchants

Izicap takes care of everything from an all-in-one 100% automated platform.
  • Bring back your customers regularly with a personalized loyalty program and targeted messages.
  • Stay in touch with your customers by communicating with them via email, SMS, and Facebook, all easily managed from a single platform.
  • Harness the power of social media and Google to attract new customers. Google reviews, Facebook and Instagram follower requests, all done automatically.
The result: an average increase in revenue of +20%. Interesting, right?

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They chose to boost their business with Izicap. What about you?

An all-in-one solution for reliable results.

Whether they are restaurateurs, butchers, bakers, hairdressers, florists, owners of a clothing store, or a beauty salon, thousands of merchants love using Izicap on a daily basis.


We partner with Banks and Acquirers worldwide

Reduce merchant churn, differentiate your payment terminal, and create a new revenue stream.

Enable your merchants grow their revenue, increase their customer loyalty and build long lasting relationships with them.