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to Grow Your Business

Now the power of big data is in your hands. Know how often customers shop, how much they spend. Then quickly create offers that drive traffic to your store to increase sales today.

Know Your Customers

Turn every transaction into an opportunity to learn more about your customers, and create tailored loyalty offers to keep them coming back

Increase Revenue

Payment card transactions provide smart data to create loyal customers and increase average basket size.

Benchmark Success

Compare yourself with the best in your class competition. Benefit from the analytic tools that big stores have used for years.

100% Paperless

No one wants to clip coupons or dig for a special loyalty card. Your loyalty card is already in their pocket: their payment card!

No New Hardware

Use your existing payment terminal (whether traditional electronic or an mPOS). Absolutely no new hardware and no investments.

Fast and Simple

Our tools are simple but comprehensive. If you don’t have time, don’t worry. Our market experts will guide and advise you.

Powerful Insights

Transaction-generated data provides merchants with a road map to their business landscape. Who are the best customers? How successful was the last campaign? When you know your customers’ behavior, you can provide the right offers to the right customers at the right time.


Card-linked Marketing

Business owners can measure their credit-card and debit-card revenue, and link their loyalty program to their customers’ card. This transforms customers’ payment cards into a customized marketing and loyalty-building program through personalized promotions and special offers.

Tailored loyalty

Our unique tool enables the creation of customized loyalty programs. Create the most relevant campaigns for your business. Decide on the campaign scope and define simple triggers based on customer activity. Loyalty Offer. Discount Offer. VIP Offer. Welcoming First-Visit Offer. Monitor the campaign results and communicate by email or SMS with your best customers.

Powerful Card-Linked Marketing for local Merchants

Our solution levels the playing field for all types of local merchants. It’s simple and easy to use with no special equipment or training required. We help you create offers that are relevant to consumers based on their existing buying patterns. Quickly project sales with a few clicks and increase consumer loyalty to your business.

Identify the right consumers for your existing inventory in a few clicks.

Invite new guests with a few clicks. Increase the average check size.

Increase the frequency of visits and offer the right new services.

Drive more traffic to your store and increase the size of the average shopping cart.

Turn window shoppers into loyal buyers with relevant offers tailored to the right consumer.

Spread awareness of your business locally with a few clicks. Increase memberships on your own terms.

More customers. More purchases. More often. Ready for a test drive?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is card-linked marketing?

Every card transaction generates data. IZICAP partners with Acquirer Banks and Payment Service Providers to collect this customer data and deliver benchmark analytics to local merchants. Merchants can create fast, relevant marketing campaigns delivered through email or SMS. Customers receive personalized offers and cash-back rewards deposited to their bank accounts. Everything is seamless and non-intrusive.

Does this work with existing Point-of-Sale terminals?

Yes. IZICAP is no hassle. This means no new hardware, no software installation, no employee training. Merchants can continue with whatever payment system they already use, whether that is traditional electronic payment, or a new tablet or smartphone mPOS device.

How do I access this service?

You can request a demo through our site, here. Contact your bank or Payment Service Provider directly. Or email us at

What are the hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees. It’s that simple.

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