Démocratiser La fidélisation
et le marketing digital pour les commerçants


Helping the high street grow and thrive

Our background: a landscape of change

In 2013, Izicap was born into a fast-changing and increasingly complex financial services world.

  • Since then, traditional banking and payments models have continued to be threatened by new, more innovative challenger businesses. Aggressive competition has meant the loyalty of merchants can no longer be taken for granted, and often acquirers and payment service providers are being forced to lower their fees.
  • Merchants are under growing commercial pressure too. Every day their profits and loyalty are being eroded by consumers switching to online shopping and the effects of sophisticated marketing from larger competitors. Many hard-pressed merchants are struggling to cope with reduced footfall, higher customer churn and slimmer margins.

Our Values



We want the best for our clients.

We listen to merchants and aim to provide them with the most efficient, innovative and user-friendly solution. We strive for excellence and continuous improvement.


Team spirit

We are stronger together.

We have a team spirit and are trained to be close to the reality of merchants to help them achieve the best results.



We are fast-moving, nimble and responsive to change.

Our flexible people, processes and technologies enable us to act quickly and adapt to the evolving needs of our clients.



We are a fearless, pioneering, first-mover business.

We are creative, passionate about innovation and ready to take on any challenge. Our expertise gives us the confidence and courage to consistently exceed expectations.

Our People

Izicap’s success

Powered by outstanding talent and a culture of celebrating bright ideas and inspirational work.

  • Although grounded in a wide mix of specialisms, we all share a passion for knowledge, innovation and exceptional customer service. Our exciting growth trajectory is reflected in our high-energy, fun and opportunity-rich working environment.
  • We recruit from all walks of life and welcome diversity. Find out about Izicap’s Gender Equality Index.

Acquirers succeed

Izicap’s founders envisioned a completely new way of helping acquirers to adapt and thrive

Smart Data platform
  • Thanks to its Smart Data platform, Izicap pioneered the use of payment card data and turned it into powerful customer knowledge & business insights for merchants, allowing them to run their own loyalty programs and digital marketing campaigns.
Izicap’s SaaS solutions
  • These marketing services, provided by acquirers using Izicap’s SaaS solutions, quickly restored growth to merchant businesses by building their customers (the card-holders) spend and stickiness.
  • The Izicap solution automatically makes acquirers more profitable, more attractive to merchants & resilient to the twists and turns of an unpredictable financial landscape.
  • Izicap’s innovative card-linked Loyalty & Digital Marketing solution gives acquirers a competitive edge by monetising their payment transactions data, generating new source of income and improving their retention capabilities.
Izicap partners with banks and acquirers

After having solidly established itself in France thanks to partnerships with Banque Populaire, Caisse d’Epargne and Crédit Agricole, Izicap partnered with Nexi, the leading acquirer & Fintech in Italy.

This strategic partnership between Izicap and Nexi is a key milestone of Izicap’s international deployment plan. Izicap is continuously engaging with acquirers worldwide.

Izicap partners with leading payment solution providers

Izicap partners with leading payment solution providers such as Ingenico, Verifone, Poynt and PAX, and makes its card-linked Loyalty & Digital Marketing solution available on the most popular and innovative payments terminals.

The Izicap Way

Partner with Izicap and see how we always put our partners first

How we go further to understand your needs by posing the right questions and doing the best research.

  • How we share your challenges, vision and goals from day one of our relationship. And how we allocate you a dedicated team of highly skilled experts who specialise in everything from data analysis and technology integration to project management and digital marketing.
  • Each of our partners is unique, yet our approach to every partnership is consistently collaborative, customer-focused and results-driven.
  • We know that only by seeing things from your perspective can we truly scope your requirements. Only by working hand-in-hand with you can we deliver exactly what you want. So we think as you think, and do as you do. That way we ensure our partnership gives you real differentiation, yields real commercial value and lasts the test of time.